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(From left to right) Andrew Gajadhar, p.g.a. , Faith Creech, p.g.a. , and Christian Manganelli. Originally as a company established in 2007 with a background in the US Marines, Law Enforcement, Martial Arts, and Modeling/Acting, Andrew Gajadhar teamed up with Christian Manganelli (with a similar background) to restructure his company to become a training company that also specializes in fight/stunt/tactical choreography. After working on a feature film with Faith Creech, they all decided it was time to start their own production company, Picture Media Group. Since then, they have also been the co-founders of Carolina Film Network (a nonprofit organization benefiting independent filmmakers by way of professional industry networking and educational opportunities) and Freedom Festival International Film Festival. In 2018, while having a progressive career full of accreditation, award winning film, and innovative growth benefiting many others, they broke ground on property they purchased to build South Carolina's first major film studio that will directly give opportunities to independent filmmakers to make dynamic films and have their films distributed on multiple platforms, to include a commercial theatrical release. They live by the quote, "Why leave the place where our dreams were created to join someone else's Hollywood when we can grow from them and create our own right here?"




With a combined 50 plus years of training, this institution is home to the original founders of the discipline American P.I.T. Fighting(Officiated July 18, 2018 by Grandmaster Dr. Germon "Askari Mwalimu Jamala Maisha" Moriniere-Bey: Founding Elder of the Akeru Legacy Council) and Carolina Regional Directors of the World Sports Combat League and World Kickboxing League (Supported by TAFISA and NASKA). 

​American P.I.T. Fighting Academy is a one-of-a-kind institution that specializes in both the Film Industry and Martial Science. With the constant demand for authenticity and safety both on and off the set, it is imperative that people in all aspects of the film industry and regular life be conscious and ready to perform and react in the most effective and methodical manner. There are no limits to self-preservation. Co-owned by a disabled veteran, all classes are also tailored for the disabled/handicapped. This, in fact, is why we exist. We are here for any and everyone.



 From our humbled beginning, we have existed to help others from the Carolinas grow in the film industry by way of connecting them to each other as well as other industry professionals abroad. With these tied connections, we strive to stimulate economic growth and continued progression for the arts in the Carolinas.  Since May of 2016, we have not only gained great connections in the industry, but we have also become an extended film family. We have grown so rapidly that we had to condense our monthly meetings to quarterly at the start of 2018.  Now, with over 1300 members worldwide, we are continuing to thrive and bring more attention to the Carolinas while helping independent filmmakers grow in the industry. 



 What makes us unique is that we not only highlight underrepresented groups, but we also promote equality and those who sacrifice for Freedom! With live screenings, social network events, seminars, and live entertainment, you don't want to miss this festival! 



 Imagine a world where your desired manifestation is enhanced beyond your wildest imagination with unparalleled clarity. The talented directors, producers, cinematographers, writers and developers on our staff spend every waking hour perfecting the fluid exchange between our clients' vision and their entreated audience. 

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